Swaine and Shanar at Waters Edge Villa in Montego Bay, Jamaica | COVID-19 Weddings in Jamaica| Jamaica Destination Wedding Elopement Photographer

Rain on your wedding day is good luck because it signifies that your marriage will last. And on, Swaine and Shanar's wedding, the rain came in buckets. The wedding party, guests and vendors were ferried into a crowded walkway where we didn't even have elbow room and the rain blew in on everyone including our equipment. Given the emotional state of this beautiful bride on her wedding day, you could hear many guests consoling her that rain actually means good luck the day-of. Even though her outdoor reception venue was washed out, and they were unable to have a reception due to the torrential downpour, this amazing couple still had a blast and we were able to get some beautiful images. No wedding day will ever go off perfectly, but ensuring that you hire the right wedding photographer and videographer is truly important. Trust us and magic will happen.

Venue: Waters Edge Villa || Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica