Why hire a husband and wife wedding team?

We pride ourselves on being your favourite wedding and lifestyle husband and wife team, and as previously mentioned in the About section of our website, many of our couples tell us at the very first consultation that this is what they love about us. And we would be foolish not to highlight this fact, that our business name - Lesanie Images is a combination of our names, Lesa & Asanie. To be clear, we aren’t bashing any form of wedding photography or videography business at all! There are a lot of amazing photographers/businesses out there who aren’t a husband and wife team or who hire a second shooter and they are absolutely fantastic! 

There are lots of reasons to hire a husband and wife team for your wedding day. Here's a few:

1. To begin, there’s two of us! 

Perhaps the greatest thing about hiring a husband and wife wedding photography and videography team is this: you get two for the price of one. Two is better than one! We go together like a photographer and videographer! We can also be at two places at one time - the both of us can take pictures or videos of separate events happening at the same time, such as the bride getting ready, the groom wiping a tear away as he reads a little note from his soon to be bride, etc. This is so important in order to make the best use of our sometimes limited time on a wedding day. 

2. Teamwork produces better results. 

We love each other and we love capturing moments! When two people who love each other also work together, the results have an extra dimension not often found in regular business partnerships. As a married couple, we have worked as a team to document several weddings and together we will fulfill your vision of how your wedding day should be recorded.

3. We understand you. 

Although there are lots of talented wedding photographers and videographers out there, we know what it takes to plan and pull off a wedding because we’ve done it. We’ve been there, in your shoes! We recently got married (in March 2019) and looking back, a lot of the day is a wonderful blur. That’s why investing in photography and videography is so important and we will do everything to capture your vision of your wedding day just as you want it.

4. You can receive your wedding photography and videography from the same team.

When you hire a husband & wife photography and videography team, you know exactly who’s going to show up that morning prepared to document your day, Lesa & Asanie – and we know each other better than anyone else. And we provide an experience that allows our couples to enjoy their special day.

 5. You and your groom will be most comfortable on your wedding day.

Asanie will hang out with the guys and I will hang out with the girls. Let’s face it, while either sex can 100% do the job, having both sexes is a HUGE positive. The groom and groomsmen typically feel very comfortable with Asanie and the ladies feel more comfortable with me in the room during intimate or private parts of the wedding day.

Looking for a husband and wife photography and videography team? 

We’d love the opportunity to be your your favourite Jamaica Destination & Elopement Wedding Photographer & Cinematographer team. Give us a call at Tel: (876) 413-5584 or reach out to Lesa & Asanie by clicking here.