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 There is nothing more heartfelt than helping to create beautiful Wedding and Portrait Photography for you to look back on, whether that be photos that warm your heart or funny moments that bring a smile to your face each time you look at them. One of the most important things to us here at Lesanie Images is the experience we offer each of our clients. As soon as our clients open their gallery, they see their images displayed in such a gorgeous way! Our online photo gallery is included in every session and wedding we photograph. We love offering this experience as a gift to each of our clients!

Our clients know, we don’t deliver photos on CDs or DVDs anymore. All of our images are delivered via a beautiful online gallery, which offers private, password-protected galleries for our clients. Your gallery can be shared with friends and family so they can relive your photo session or wedding day with you, but it’s also great for viewing, sharing, downloading as well as ordering professional prints, custom fine art wedding books and canvas.

Clients can receive their images via digital download, all from the comfort of their home with a personal computer, smartphone, iPad or tablet. Please be sure to save your digital files somewhere else once they’re downloaded. We recommend storing them two different ways to be safe. Galleries will remain active for 6 months after delivery. A re-listing fee will be charged if you need your gallery re-listed after the 6-month period.

How To Download Your Photo Gallery

So you’ve just received your online photo what? We have an amazing online gallery that we use to deliver your final edited images to you. Below is a guide for viewing, printing, sharing, and downloading.

Step 1: Go to your gallery. You will receive an email with the link or a 4-digit download PIN (can be password protected upon request and will be found at the bottom of your email invitation) once your images are ready for viewing or download. This link expires after some time if you do not download your images in time. Click on the ‘View Photos’ button in the email we send and you will be redirected to your gallery home page. Enter in your email address and PIN or email address to unlock your gallery. This email will be used to send you your download link if and when you want to download images.

Step 2: Click on the Download icon. It’s the icon between the Favorite (heart) button and the Share button; it looks like a downward pointing arrow on a rectangle. There are four other important buttons found at the top of the gallery. The first is a shopping cart icon (where you can see what all is in your shopping cart), a heart icon (where you can view all of the photos you’ve favorited), a download button (where you can download the entire gallery of images), and the share button (which allows you to share the gallery on any social platform of your choosing).

Step 3:  Enter your email address and the 4 digit PIN that was sent to you. This way you can download the full gallery or individual photos.

Image viewing:

Click on an image to enlarge the photo. There are several unique features found at the top of the selected photo. 

You can also select where you would like the download to be sent when it's ready - to your Computer as a .ZIP file, or directly to your Dropbox or Google Photos account. The email address provided will only be used to notify them when your .ZIP file of images is ready to be Downloaded (in case you do not wish to wait on the Download page for this to be completed). The email you receive will also include the link you will need to access your images and Download the .ZIP file to your computer. DO NOT screenshot your images from the gallery in order to save them. This GREATLY reduces the quality of your images and will result in poor-quality files and printed items.

Step 4: Choose what size you’d like the images to be downloaded. The choices are Web Size (3600px or Original resolution) – perfect for sharing on social media! Or High Resolution (2048px, 1024px, or 640px) – for printing even large files! Once you’ve decided which size you’d like, click Download! The next screen will pop up saying that your photos are being fetched and soon another download button will appear.

Sharing your images:

Click on the share button at the top of your gallery.

Select how you want to share, Facebook, email, etc.

This will share the entire gallery.

You can print your images, it is HIGHLY recommended that you order from the Print Store located within your gallery. We offer an array of print sizes, canvases, wall art and other products including cards. When you order prints and products from your Print Store, your images will be printed by a professional lab using high-quality materials and colour calibration to ensure true-to-colour printing. Using cheap, fast print labs may result in lower quality images due to lack of calibration of their print machines. We are not responsible for substandard prints and products ordered from these companies. 

Printing your images:

Find the image that you would like to order a print of.

Select the ‘Cart’ icon while hovering over the image. If you click the image, you will see the cart icon above the image.

Select the size and type of print you desire.

Continue shopping or checkout.

Once you have added all the photos to your cart, click the ‘Cart’ icon at the top of the page.

Make sure all of the images are cropped correctly. You can edit the crop to your liking.

Click ‘Checkout’.

The images you order will be printed at a professional printing lab in the US and shipped directly to you.

Step 5: You will receive the Gallery Download in a .ZIP file format on your computer, which you can unzip/extract to get the .jpg image files inside. If you select Dropbox or Google Photos, the images will be available to view directly from your account. If you are using Single Photo Download to Download select individual images, it will save the .jpg file directly to your computer or mobile device. Sometimes the download will say that the files are corrupt. We're not exactly sure why this happens, but simply download again and that should fix the problem. Be sure to delete the corrupted files. If you need any additional help, feel free to email us and let us know what’s going on.

Buttons explanations:

“Buy Photo”, “Favorite”, “Download”, “Share”, and “Slideshow”. Each button does the following:

  • Buy Photo – Our online gallery allows users to buy high quality prints with the click of a button. By clicking “Buy Photo”, you have access to purchasing prints, canvases, or mounted prints. Each option varies in size and price. Transactions are completed through PayPal. All sales are final and are for non-commercial use only.
  • Favorite – Click “Favorite” to add the selected photo to your favorites tab. You can view all of your favorite photos by clicking on the heart icon found at the top of the gallery menu (see gallery navigation).  
  • Download – You are able to download a single photo by clicking on the “Download” button. An email is required when downloading photos (see gallery navigation to learn how to download the entire gallery of images).
  • Share – By clicking “Share”, you are able to share the selected photo on your social media.
  • Slideshow – Start a slideshow on your viewing device. The slideshow will begin with the selected photo and transitions to the next numerical photo. You cannot randomize the slideshow or change the speed of it. This feature is a great way to present your portraits, wedding and engagement photos.

PLEASE NOTE: Your images are owned and copyrighted by Lesanie Images. You may not edit, add filters, or alter the images in any way. You may share images online with family and friends; please give credit and/or tag Lesanie Images on social media!


How many photos will I get in my gallery?

As many as turn out and aren't duplicates! We don't like to put an exact number on the amount of images you'll receive since every wedding and shoot is different, but we select all the images that turn out and make sure you aren't getting a bunch of the exact same shot, and we include some black and white copies. It usually ends up being around minimum 150 images (weddings) and 30 images (portraits) give or take.

How will you send me my images?

We use an online gallery to send and store your images. They will come to you in an email within 12 weeks after your wedding, where you can access, download and print your images all in one spot!

Do I have permission to post and print my photos?

Yes! When you receive your gallery, you'll also get a print release that gives you permission to print and share images! We know what it's like to want to show off photos of our family to friends, and all we ask is that when you post you don't throw a gross filter on the already edited images before posting to Instagram or Facebook and that you tag us too! You wouldn't paint over a painting you buy from a store, and it's sort of the same thing with photos. We work really hard to edit your photos beautifully and just right so you don't have to worry about adding anything more!

How do I book you?

Alright! If you like what you're hearing and you want to book, then fill out the inquiry form or email us so we can make sure your date is open, and then we'll send a quote with our package pricing and details! We'll then have a phone call or FaceTime to go over all the details! After that you can reserve your date with an initial payment that will go towards the balance of the package price, and we'll have to sign a contract to make it official.


Have a question? Checking availability? Just want to say hi? Reach out using our contact form below and we’ll be back in touch within 24 hours.

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