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Resort or Hotel Vendors Fees in Jamaica

You're engaged and planning a destination wedding in Jamaica at an all-inclusive resort or hotel. As time passes, you learn that the resort or hotel you picked charges a vendor's fee if you are bringing your own wedding vendors from outside. Instead of having this put a damper on your big day and your vision of hiring your own photographer or videographer, you pick up the phone to contact your wedding planner and tell her that your wedding photographer and/or videographer will be an external vendor.

She then explains that most All-inclusive resorts and hotels in Jamaica typically have their own in- house photographers and videographers they recommend you use for your destination wedding. This does not deter you as you have Lesanie Images, your destination wedding experts who will help to provide some valuable information about off-site vendor fees so you can make your ultimate resort or hotel decision when booking your venue.

What are Vendor's fee? 

These are fees that a resort or hotel charges you when you work with wedding vendors that are not associated with that particular venue. 

How much is this going to cost me?

The exact cost to bring an off site vendor on to the resort or hotel varies. It could simply be the cost of a day pass or it could be from US$500 and upwards of US $1000 per vendor, so it’s important to ask the resort or hotel about their policy on this upfront, before you sign your wedding contract. There are instances where the fee of US$500 is for up to two persons and then US$110 - US$200 for each additional person. We recommend that you discuss this with your wedding planner or simply ask the resort/hotel how many team or crew members are allowed under their vendors fee.

Do I have to pay this fee, even if I wasn’t aware of it when I signed the resort or hotel contract?

Unfortunately, YES. This is why we ask all our couples if their wedding venue has a vendors fee during the booking process. It is so important that you do your homework about hidden wedding costs before you sign a contract with your resort or hotel. 

How can I reduce the cost for the vendors fee?

You can reduce the cost for the vendors fee by choosing a local destination wedding photography and videography business like Lesanie Images, that offer photography in addition to videography, so you’ll pay only one outside vendor fee. You can also have your wedding off site the hotel or resort's property. Contact us and we will be able to recommend some amazing venues who can provide better deals. And when you book us for both photography and cinematography, you have one less vendor contact to have to keep track of. 

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