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Live-streaming Your Wedding!

Should you live-stream your wedding?

If you are wondering if you should live-stream your wedding, you are in the right place. Whether you're planning an intimate celebration, a destination wedding in Jamaica or have guests that can't make the trip due to a global pandemic, there are many reasons why you might opt to live stream your wedding for all your friends and family to see! We’re offering professional wedding and event live streaming in Jamaica to make viewers feel like they’re actually there with you!


Live-streaming Your Jamaica Destination Wedding

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Let's Get Started On Live-streaming Your Wedding!

Why live-streaming your wedding is one of the best decisions you can make when it comes to preparing for your wedding day! Livestreaming your wedding ceremony and even your reception offers an out-of-the-box solution and a great way to have a more inclusive wedding for people who can’t make it to your Jamaica destination wedding. It’s relatively inexpensive, it allows all of your guests to participate in your big day and you can record the wedding ceremony and treasure it forever.

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Let's look at some of the reasons why you should live stream your wedding.

➵An immersive experience for your guests. Photographers and videographers document the important moments but are not able to capture the reactions of you and your guests in real-time. So when you live stream your wedding, it makes your family and friends feel like they are right there at the wedding, because they really are! 

➵You’re having a minimony or elopement. An intimate wedding or elopement doesn’t necessarily mean you’re opting out of a ceremony with guests altogether. If you’ve decided on an intimate wedding but still want your friends and family to attend, live streaming will allow your guests to experience the ceremony live as if they were there.

➵You’ve had to downsize your guest list. If COVID-19 or budget constraints have forced you to downsize your original guest list, livestreaming your wedding is the perfect alternative!  Providing a live stream allows for as many to attend as you want, without having to count the costs associated with having an in-person guest.

➵Your loved ones are unable to attend in person. Live streaming allows you to share the events of your day with all of your loved ones, so they can still watch the action from afar. Also having a live stream option for your friends and family will provide you with peace of mind, as well as any guests who may feel nervous about attending in person due to travel restrictions or personal safety precautions. Your virtual guests will love feeling like they’re actually getting to celebrate with you, even if they’re celebrating from afar. 

➵You’re having a destination wedding. A destination wedding will be an amazing experience for you and your fiance'. But that means some guests will have to contend with travel costs, hotel, and transportation. There’s a chance that some guests may miss out on your tying the knot, so if you plan on having a destination wedding, consider live-streaming your wedding ceremony. 

Livestream your wedding with ease

Capturing your moments

Almost like being there

Lesanie Images is a wedding livestream expert and will ensure that your guests can attend virtually without any hassle with our immersive live stream services. Experience the magic as it happens with a live stream of your wedding day.

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Live-stream Collections

Pick the perfect option for you!

Whether you are interested in a virtual vow exchange among a few close friends or live-streaming your entire ceremony and reception for your guests at home to enjoy, we’ve created the ultimate collections to suit all budgets for your live-streamed wedding. Our wedding livestream packages are built to deliver high-quality wedding livestream services with affordable prices. These packages come in three options, delivering quality and value for couples. You can book wedding live streaming services only or add them to your wedding videography package.

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Perfect for couples who want a simple but quality livestreaming solution without the bells and whistles.

Investment includes: 

Ceremony Only coverage on your wedding day. This will cover your ceremony from processional to recessional.

➵Up to 1 hour.

➵Groom waiting at location.

➵Closing Statement by couple.

➵A public/private event link created for couple to email virtual guests.

➵1 camera angle. Single camera stationary at the end of the aisle.

➵Up to 2 professionals capturing your day.

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I Do Stream means your family, friends and guests can live stream your wedding from any personal device by simply clicking a URL to watch. Perfect for couples who want better coverage of their ceremony.

Investment includes:

Ceremony & Cocktail coverage on your wedding day.

➵Max 1 hr & 30 mins.

➵Groom waiting at location.

➵Cocktail including cake cutting & first dance (wedding activities must fit within 1 hr & 30 mins).

➵Closing Statement by couple.

➵Custom web page with public/private link created for couple to email virtual guests.

➵2 pro cameras, mixed live to give different angles.

➵ Up to 3 professionals capturing your day.

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The more the merrier - a wedding that 'virtually' everyone can attend. Perfect for couples who want to make their wedding day a celebration, an immersive virtual experience for your guests who can’t be there in person! 

Investment includes:

➵ Ceremony, Cocktail & Reception coverage on your wedding day.

➵Max 3 hrs.

➵Groom waiting at location.

➵Including ceremony, cocktail, reception: cake cutting, first dance, speeches and entertainment (wedding activities must fit within 3hrs).

➵Closing Statement by couple.

➵A public/private event link created for couple to email virtual guests.

➵3 cameras, mixed live, to give different angles and a dynamic stream that keep your remote guests engaged from start to finish.

➵Up to 5 professionals.

➵A dedicated landing page for your guests with photos of you two and a schedule of events.

➵Drone intro to wow your remote guests with epic aerial shots that showcase the scope and beauty of your wedding venue.

➵Multiple wireless audio sources synced to the stream.

"Streaming Only - With this option we will only livestream your wedding to an online platform for your guests, family and friends to see in real time.

Streaming & Edited Video - With this option we will livestream your wedding and you will receive a documentary style edited video delivered via digital platform."

Livestream your Wedding

Livestream FAQs

What does each package include?

Technical Broadcaster- onsite to produce, record & livestream your wedding.
No viewer limits – invite as many guests as you want!
Ad-free viewing experience.
Professional audio recorders - for crystal clear audio.
Cellular bonded technology - for combining multiple internet sources.
Personalized livestream webpage - includes pictures, a custom message, and links to your registry (if applicable).

What’s needed to reserve my date?

We require a 30% non-refundable initial payment and a signed contract in order to block off your date. Full payment is due 14 days before the wedding.

What if something goes wrong with the stream?

Things happen, any time you are dealing with wireless connections, there are always risks of dropouts or signal loss. We have no control or guarantee over internet connections or speeds. If there's no internet, we will connect back once internet resumes. Many areas in Jamaica have weak connections. We will do our best to make it work, and we’re constantly trying to improve. If there is an issue, we’ll upload the ceremony video as soon as possible and share it with you.

Do I need a licence for music?

Our livestream platform is Vimeo where our subscription covers licensed music. Other social media platforms require music by contemporary artists to be licenced, which can be difficult to manage.

For live streaming, what if my venue doesn’t have Wi-Fi or power?

A wired internet connection and access to power is ALWAYS the best. It is up to you to ensure that internet and power (electricity) is available for us to use. We bring our own mobile internet however, we have no guarantee on the ability or quality of connection and are limited by wireless internet service just as you. We will have our own back-up batteries to run the equipment, but power access is always recommended for a wedding live stream service.

How does a wedding live-stream work for my guests?

It’s easy! Guests click the link to your personal wedding website and voila, they can now watch your wedding straight from any personal device (phone, computer, smart TV, etc.). Unlike other wedding streaming services, your guests will not need to download an app, create an account, or log in to anything.

Can our guests interact?

We can activate the Vimeo chat function which allows your viewers to comment.

What do I need to do in advance?

Before the wedding you must:
Obtain consent from the venue hosting the wedding. Without their consent we may be unable to live stream at the wedding.
Advise the guests in advance that the wedding will be live streamed.

Can the wedding live stream be watched on a mobile phone?

Yes, our video player for live wedding streaming can be used on all modern devices from smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, games consoles, computers and laptops.

Do you livestream other events?

Yes! Live-streaming is great for other events, like corporate functions/meetings, graduations, funerals or any event that requires one-way live streaming.

Do you recommend more than one camera for our livestream?

Yes, we do. Our Vows Go Virtual package includes one full frame camera but the single best upgrade you can make is to add additional cameras. Your guests will thank you for it! Adding a 2nd or 3rd camera gives us the ability to cut to reaction shots of each of you during the vows and your guests throughout the ceremony. Adding a 4th camera allows us to use that camera on a gimbal for cinematic moving shots throughout the ceremony so your guests feel like they're watching a movie. The relatively low cost of adding extra cameras is worth every penny as the additional angle keeps viewers engaged and the retention level for your views goes way up.

Can you fly a drone during our ceremony as one of your cameras?

Yes. We can actually take the live feed from our drone and run that into our switcher as one of your cameras. BUT...we don't recommend it. Yes, it's cool. But honestly, a drone makes a lot of noise and that level of distraction might not be worth the one or two cool shots you'd get during a quiet, intimate ceremony. So we usually use our drones before the ceremony and incorporate that footage into the opening of your live stream so your guests can see the full scope of your venue's beauty.

When will I receive the link to the webpage?

It varies a bit, but we like to get the page built soon after you add the live stream. You get the page at least a month before your ceremony date, and we’ll send you a reminder email seven days before your ceremony. Please do not unsubscribe from our emails.

Do you just use a hotspot for your internet to live stream?

We invested in network bonding technology to combine multiple internet connections into one. This allows Lesanie Images to stream from almost anywhere! We use more than just a single hotspot for our live streams. We have a dedicated hardware video encoder capable of combining (or bonding) multiple hotspots plus other internet sources together for one robust/reliable internet connection.

What do you need at the venue for wedding streaming?

Whilst we provide our own internet connection and back-up battery power, we recommend that access to both power and a network connection is made available as a fallback.
We will also need approximately 1.5 metres square for the wedding streaming equipment and operator.

Will the live stream video be available online after my wedding?

Only if you choose the Streaming & Edited Video option on the booking form. Vimeo has a playback function and we will provide you with an edited copy of the video.

How's the quality of the video? What about the audio?

We stream our videos in 1080p. As far as audio, we tap into the DJ's sound board so we can hear everything the officiant and readers are saying. Or we place a wireless mic on the groom so your family and friends can hear both the bride and groom's vows!

How much time is needed to set-up for the wedding live stream?

We can, if required, set up in a couple of minutes for wedding streaming. We would, however, recommend thirty minutes to an hour to allow for us to test camera positions and run checks on audio and uplink quality.

Why do I only see a photo and not the live wedding?

We haven’t started the wedding live stream yet. Sometimes events don’t start exactly on time. Please be patient.

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